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Coming home to yourself...

Retreats are, in my experience, the most efficient catalysts for change. When you give yourself time away from all daily distractions, you give yourself the space for introspection, shedding layers, letting go of identifications to ultimately integrate realisation. During retreats you connect with like minded souls who share the same path and offer their support and understanding. I work with some of the greatest catalysts and would love to share their knowing and wisdom with you. 

*  SOULD OUT - 29th June-1st July, Glastonbury RETREAT, The Return to Eden: Re-Uniting the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine with Catherine Bjorksten & Steve Nobel


We are in a time of a great global energy shift from fear to love, separation consciousness to unity and struggle to new possibilities. Many have experienced this outgoing year as one of challenges, awakening and spiritual gifts. The learnings and gifts of the year continue to flow, showing us the way forward to self-realisation and awakening. How successfully we navigate these depends on how gracefully we release or move through our challenges. 

The 3D Matrix Has Created a Schism Between the Feminine and Masculine Energies - Because we have spent many lifetimes in this 3D fear-separation matrix both energies may be out of balance, disrespected, repressed, disowned, wounded, or misunderstood. They may be acting as divorced parents within us where one energy seeks to dominate and block the other. In patriarchal cultures usually, left-brain masculine qualities such as logic and rational thinking tend to be emphasised and honoured over right-brain feminine qualities such as intuition and imagination. This is changing.

The Divine Feminine is the sphere of relationship, intuition, tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility. This is the realm of the Maiden, Lover, High Priestess and Empress archetypes. When we are out of touch with the Divine Feminine we are not in touch with our body, emotions and intuition. On a collective level being out of touch with the feminine has led to a disregard for all the Kingdoms of Nature and a destruction of ecosystems.

The Sacred Masculine is the sphere of courageous action and self-expression. When we are in touch with the Sacred Masculine we use all our resources to help and uplift others. The Sacred Masculine is not afraid of the unknown. He enjoys helping us venture beyond our familiarity zones into new adventures and terrains. This is the realm of the Fool, the Magician, Warrior and Emperor archetypes. On a collective level when we

The Return to Eden - When working in harmony, the Sacred Union of these energies can help us create Heaven on Earth in our personal lives and across the planet. In order to move beyond all the schisms of 3D we need to heal and unite our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. This evening will include an attunement, information, tools and concludes with a transmission to unite these energies within. 

What to Expect. There will be gentle morning movement and energy attunements to get your energy flowing. During the day, there will be group processes, deep transmission-meditations and also space for reflection. As a group and also individually we will explore some of the sacred sites around the town. These include The Tor (old Druid Labyrinth) and Chalice Well Garden (beautiful space to connect with the ancient well waters and elemental energies). 

This retreat is ideal for anyone who feels they are ready to go deeper into themselves and make a shift in reconnecting more of your light and inner power. 

Please note that the fee does not include accommodation or travel. Information on both will be sent when you book your place. 

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* 10th May, London Evening Talk- Abundance, stepping in to a higher octave of living with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten

* 8th March 2018, London Evening Talk- The Magical Union of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten 

* 1st February 2018, London Evening Talk- Psychic Clearing & Protection for Starseeds with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten

* 6th December 2017, London Evening Talk- Dream Your Year 2018 Into Being with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten

* 24-26th November 2017, Retreat Opening Pathways of Inner Light, Consciousness & Potential, Glastonbury, UK with Catherine Bjorksten & Steve Nobel 

* 24th October 2017, London Evening Talk - Starseed Revolution, Columbia Hotel (W2) with Steve Nobel and Catherine Bjorksten

This is the time that all the spiritual prophecies talk about. Now is the real end of the Mayan Calendar. Now is the time of shift where a great darkness leaves this world. This is a time of great challenge and opportunity, the old 3D Energetic Matrix is dissolving which is causing a certain amount of chaos and confusion. A new 5D Energetic Matrix has been forming for some time. Anchoring this New Energetic Matrix is one of the main reasons Starseeds have incarnated here. We are all multidimensional beings but we are not all Starseeds. Earthseeds are those souls that have been in the reincarnational cycle of 3D Earth for a long time (more than 100 incarnations, often much more). Starseeds are different, they do (ARE) not native to this dimension of earth, they come with a different consciousness, different genetic codes, and see and experience the world very differently from Earthseeds. If you are wondering whether you are a Starseed, the fact that you are attracted to this event means that you are. Starseeds are highly sensitive, called to different forms of spiritualirty, they do not feel this dimension of earth is their natural home. Very commonly, there is also a feeling that they are here to do something important but they cannot remember (usually) what that is! 

Starseeds fall asleep along with everyone else when they enter this lower 3D matrix world. However, they are also hard wired to activate/wake up with certain events on the planet. Activation means waking up and stepping away from the energetics, limiting programs, painful stories and out-dated values of 3D. Starseeds come from afar with a mission, which begins with awakening to their true nature and then proceeds with some form of service. Starseeds are here to help birth a new world. They come with a different energy system that is capable (once activated) of holding an expanded consciousness, connected to Source Energy, and as such they are an essential part of the great global shift in consciousness happening right now. This evening event will help you understand and explore your Starseed nature. It will helped you strengthen your energy fields from frequencies and connect you with your Star Family. This evening will include attunements and meditations.

* 20th May 2017, Awakening Consciousness, Living beyond Conflict with Catherine Bjorksten & Jeffrey Wium, West London Buddhist Centre, London W2 (day program)

In our search for understanding, we have come to recognise the need for practical solutions that complement our own internal wisdom. It's no longer about seeking outwardly, it's about letting go of our protection mechanisms and learning to allow receptivity, self- responsibilty and non duality guide our every thought and action - with family, relationship, work and most importantly our own inner dialogue. In this program, we will explore and learn to embody our original essence beyond the cycles of conflict and drama. Learn to navigate daily experience to find opportunities in obstacles, trust inner knowing and speak your truth to develop lasting contenment in a world of constant change. We will explore ancient holisitc knowledge, experience guided meditation and learn quatum pratices using the mind's higher intelligence to heal conflict and dis-ease. Interactive dialogue and practice excercices will be offered to help participants awaken inner wisdom, establish harmony and increase wellbeing in daily life. Life beyond the state of fear and separartion. Loving presence amid triggers and chaos.

* 24-26th March 2017, The Magic of Awakening Retreat, Glastonbury, UK with Catherine Bjorksten & Steve Nobel

This retreat is designed for Lightworkers, Healers and Starseeds. Held in the beautiful and sacred landscape of Glastonbury that is often referred to as the Heart Chakra of the planet. Glastonbury is certainly a place of connecting to light, alchemy and ascension. This retreat is an opportunity to dive into the energies and themes of ascension, alchemy and self-mastery. There will also be space to visit many of the important sites such as The Tor and Chalice Well Gardens. Ascension means moving from a 3D fear/separation timeline to a new 5D love-interconnectedness-multidimensional timeline. This weekend is a space to release the old 3D matrix and embrace more of your inner light, inner divinity, and align with the new frequencies impacting the planet now. (Please note that ascension is not about leaving our bodies and living in the etheric - it’s about bringing light to everyday life and earth). There will be processes, meditation-transmissions, time for personal reflection and the wonderful landscape of Glastonbury to help you ground that light in the cells of your energy bodies.